Sun, Soil, and Smoke



About Us

In 2014, a local couple started an organic hops farm here, and named it after the latin name for hops: Humulus Lupulus – EarthWolf Farms was born. The hops industry has left town, and today the farm is the site of our flagship cannabis cultivation site. Hops still continues to grow here, and we continue to add a diversity of species other than cannabis as we build our permaculture paradise.


Bubble Hash


All our products start with the isolation of trichomes from fresh frozen cannabis using ice water extraction. We use our own proprietary ice water extraction equipment to create bubble hash which can then be dried or used in our TERP Reactor. Our extraction equipment is of the highest sanitary standard, producing medical grade in the cleanest way possible, while retaining the natural flavours of the plant to bring a unique experience from the mountainous terroirs of beautiful British Columbia. We distribute our products under our Earthwolf Farm brand.




We produce certified organic seeds for both home growers and other cannabis cultivators. We breed cultivars in-house specifically for outdoor growing.

We have a variety of High THC, 1:1 and High CBD cultivars intended for flower and/or hash production. Our seeds are organically produced, and we cannot use the chemicals most companies use to make feminized seeds; therefore, we only sell regular seeds at this time.

As they are regular seeds, we sell packs of 8 seeds, so you can end up with 4 female plants for harvest. Our current seeds are first generation and will have a mix of phenotypes for our customers to find a lineage well suited to their own terroir.

Regular seed packs also let you breed your own lineage from those plants you select. For the novice grower, we offer auto-flowering and early finishing cultivars intended to be grown outdoors with little effort, and harvested before October.

These plants will take 3-5 months from germination to harvest and will produce dense, flavorful, and potent flowers with a height of 1.5-2.5m (4-7 feet).


Our topicals are made with the same high quality organic oils and ingredients as our edible oils. They also contain other ethnobotanical ingredients hand harvested and hand-picked from the 81 acres of natural ponderosa pine forest surrounding our Processing Center. Juniper, pine resin, cedar resin, and wild sage are just some of the hand-picked and harvested ingredients in our topical products. We only use organic cold pressed coconut oil and organic shea, beeswax, and mango butter as our carrier oils. Cannabinoids do not pass the skin barrier easily, so we create our topicals more potent for best results. These topicals are for external use only and should be kept in a cool dry place.