Our Team


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Brishna Kamal, President and Co-Founder

Brishna grew up in northern Afghanistan, hailing from the same mountainous region that much of the world’s  C. indica medical cannabis originated.    Brishna received a M.Sc. in Neuroscience from McGill University (2014), studying age-related cortical plasticity. After graduate studies, she became interested in cannabinoid pharmacology, and served as the Chief Research Officer at Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. Recently, Brishna has co-founded Whistler Therapeutics and hopes to contribute to the body of research legitimizing cannabis based therapeutics.


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Daniel Lantela, Co-Founder and Director of Drug Development  

Daniel received a Bachelors and Master of Science in Biochemistry. He developed an interest in the anti-cancer properties of cannabis, spending extensive time studying the published literature. At Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation (WMMC), he has developed the cannabis oil program from scratch using a new process to create a higher quality and organic cannabis oil. Daniel is the Co-Founder and Director of Drug Development here at Whistler Therapeutics.