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About Us

Whistler Therapeutics is an organic certified cannabis researcher, producer, and processor.

Using a patent-pending extraction and infusion method, we can retain terpenes from fresh cannabis in an active extract. This process uses only ice, water, and a hydrophobic nonvolatile carrier, creating an environmentally friendly and low-cost alternative to solvent extractions. The active extract is then formulated into an array of product types with standardized cannabinoid and terpene content, with terpene concentrations much higher than found in dry cannabis sativa inflorescence.

Whistler Therapeutics was founded by Daniel Lantela and Brishna Kamal with the vision of creating sustainable cannabis-based pharmaceuticals through the integration of medical research and regenerative agriculture. Whistler Therapeutics is the sister company of Whistler Technologies; manufacturer of solvent-less extraction systems and was founded shortly after. Our company will be working closely with innovators to create new processes and premium, beyond full spectrum cannabis products for the Canadian and global markets.



Regulatory Affairs

Our team of specialists with valuable experience in the nascent legal Cannabis industry are here to assist you with licensing, infrastructure planning, document drafting and ultimately guide you as you acquire your license to take on the cannabis space. 

Process Development

We help develop robust and efficient processes structuring your business and standard operating procedures to mitigate operational challenges prioritizing innovation, product safety, scalability, and personnel training.  


Organic Product Development

Our team of experts bring over 15+ years of combined experience in organic product development with cannabinoids.  We can assist with sourcing raw organic inputs for a variety of products, formulate the product, assist with packaging, and ultimately commercialize your unique product.  

Learn about Whistler Therapeutics

We aim to develop cannabinoid-based medicines for the treatment of various medical conditions such as osteoporosis, chronic pain, and cancer.

Using a propriety extraction and infusion method, we are able to retain terpenoids from fresh cannabis in an orally active extract. This process uses only ice water, and a hydrophobic nonvolatile oil, creating an environmentally friendly and low-cost alternative to solvent extractions.

The active extract is then formulated into an array of product types with standardized cannabinoid and terpene content, at ratios much higher than found in dry cannabis sativa flowers.

Our first fully owned cultivation site; Earthwolf Farm is in beautiful Lillooet, BC and is Canada’s first organic outdoor regenerative research farm. Earthwolf Farm was previously a certified organic hops farm and has no history of herbicides, or conventional fertilizer use. We currently hold a standard cannabis cultivation licence from Health Canada and are researching the best agricultural practices for growing cannabis, hops, and food crops.  

Earthwolf Farm is located a few minutes away from central Lillooet and is zoned for cannabis operations. Lillooet is one of the driest and hottest spots in Canada and our farm is a popular destination for tourists, so do let us know ahead of time if you plan to visit us for a tour. 

Whistler Therapeutic’s Processing and Research Center houses its own proprietary equipment and processes to create solvent-less products in an organic and sustainable manner.

We create standardized products, enriched in terpenes, creating formulations superior in flavour, smell, and effect. We have a diverse product pipeline that we are hoping to standardize to ensure safety, consistency, and reliability of our products.

We currently sell our products B2B. We also offer tolling services for Cannabis Sativa and Humulus Lupulus (Hops). We are able to process 50-100 acres of biomass per year at our 10,600 square feet Processing and Research Center in Lillooet, BC.